As I argue in my New European column this week, while Brexit has turned into a political version of the Napoleonic Wars, protracted and diffuse, with months, even years, of indecisive engagements, we may be approaching Waterloo. It is now very like that May will lose t...


This week Labour finally officially backed a second Brexit referendum. Emily Thornberry, Keir Starmer, and Tom Watson in particular rose to the level of events by leading the charge, and override initial jitters over whether this meant a referendum without Remain on th...


What if Roy Jenkins had become Prime Minister?

Mr Speaker’s Lecture, 25 February 2019

Despite the 43 year age difference us, maybe because of it, Roy Jenkins was the closest political friend I have ever had and one of my closest friends. He inspired me from the moment I...


This week 8 MPs quit the Labour Party to form a new Independent Group. As I argue in the Guardian, the ball in now Jeremy Corbyn’s court. The key issues of Europe, Antisemitism and deselection are not “left v right” but “right v wrong”, and Jeremy Corbyn will have no o...


This week, Theresa May’s ultimate strategy was simultaneously laid bare and then destroyed. First, UK chief negotiator Ollie Robbins blew the lid on May’s plan when he was overheard late at night in a Brussels bar saying that she is deliberately running down the clock...


Parliament has completely shut down due to Brexit. The House of Lords is being asked to agree a record 19 complex No Deal regulations next week - almost the entirety of its business. Non-Brexit government and legislation has virtually ceased.
So this week I got out of...

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Andrew Adonis is a Labour peer, author, and leading campaigner for a People's Vote