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About me

Last year I toured the country, listening to people who voted Leave because I wanted to know why and what could change their minds. I saw and heard about many genuine grievances that urgently need to be addressed. But every one of them could be better solved by staying in the EU, and so I am now campaigning for Britain to stay in Europe with a ‘new deal’ which promotes social justice and reform, which my book Saving Britain with Will Hutton sets out.

My immediate task is fighting for a People's Vote, since that is the only way we can democratically stop Brexit and build this better future.

Before all this, I was the founding chair of the independent National Infrastructure Commission but resigned in December 2017 to fight Brexit. This is my resignation letter to Theresa May. In the last Labour government I was Schools Minister, forging Teach First, academies and the London Challenge, and then Transport Secretary, where I pioneered HS2 and Crossrail.

I am now a Labour member of the House of Lords and my books include Education, Education, Education, Reforming England’s Schools and Five Days in May: The Coalition Negotiations in 2010.

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