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March Today to Save Britain!

The tide is turning and today is the day that we the people reclaim our democracy. We can’t spend month after month dithering and delaying while Brexit continues to explode. We must now march in the biggest numbers that London has ever seen to show MPs that now is the time to assert themselves, to reject May’s threats and jibes and to give back to the people the final say on Brexit.

A democratic record has already been set this week. The petition to revoke Article 50 is the biggest ever in the UK which close to 4 million signatures in just two days. It is striking that the main limitation on signatories is not demand but the capacity of the website. What this shows is that the British people have simply had enough of the Brexit nightmare. They do not want any more half measures, they want to revoke Article 50 because it is the only sure way of saving Britain from Brexit. I agree that the time has come for this, and will move for the revocation of Article 50 in the House of Lords on Monday.

What makes this is so urgent is the shocking irresponsibility of the Government. As I noted in the House of Lords last week, the Government STILL won't stop the preparations for no deal despite the House of Commons decisively ruling this out.

But there is one political who has risen to the level of events: the Speaker of the House John Bercow. As I argue in my New European column this week, Bercow is one of the few heroes of Brexit. He has made it possible for parliament to do its job of holding the government accountable to the people, after decades when the subservience of the House of Commons to No.10 had become the first article in Britain’s unwritten constitution.

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