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Action this day! An update

‘I like things to happen, and if they don’t happen I like to make them happen’ Winston Churchill once said. Now is the time for us all to make something big happen on Brexit. The People’s Vote March for the Future is tomorrow and will be a game-changer. Make sure you are attending!

We will assemble on Park Lane, north of the Hilton Hotel, at 12pm, and then march to Parliament Square where there will be speeches in support of a People’s Vote from 2pm.

Follow me on Instagram for a first-person view of the march and, if you are going, do send and tag me in your photos so I can share them.

This week I was in several debates on Brexit. I first went head to head with Peter Hitchens, who it turns out shares my view that the Government is making a complete mess of Brexit and is utterly useless. However, when I pressed him on why he would not back a People’s Vote to bring an end to this chaos, he could only point to the strange principle that a referendum should be binding for an entire generation.

Even more bizarre was my debate with Dan Hannan on Thursday. He told me not to worry about ‘no deal’ because Qatar has done fine despite a land, sea & air blockade! I responded that not even Mrs May is calling for a continental blockade, so far as I am aware. You can see the whole thing on Al Jazeera ( at 7:30pm.

I also spoke at Brighton University on Wednesday and in Oxford today on why we so urgently need a People’s Vote on Brexit. Nearly all the young people at these events are in favour of People’s Vote, and more and more are getting involved to make their voices heard through organisations like Our Future Our Choice.

Finally, in my New European article this week I explain that I am not, in fact, personally responsible for the Brexit chaos.

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