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Local council campaign

Change your local council, change your country


It is now two years since the Brexit vote and the Government still has no satisfactory Brexit plan. Since the vote we have gone from the top of the G7 for economic growth to the bottom. For communities up and down the country, jobs and businesses are under threat and it is absolutely right for local authorities to be making a stand on their behalf. 


How can you get involved?


Write to your councillor and ask them to table a resolution on a People’s Vote helping to galvanize support for this crucial initiative in your local area and region. You can find out who your councillors are, and how to write to them, by putting your postcode in here.



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The campaign

Please join me by working with your local council to stimulate a national campaign at local level for a People’s Vote on the final terms of Brexit.


We are calling on the Government to put the Brexit ‘deal’ before the country in a referendum (‘People’s Vote’) so that the British public can make the decision on whether to accept the terms of Brexit or stay in the EU. Swansea, Hammersmith and Fulham, and Liverpool Councils have already passed resolutions to this effect, and generated considerable local publicity by doing so.


Our aim is to get hundreds of councils to pass these people’s vote resolutions in July and September, generating increasingly strong ‘bottom up’ pressure on MPs and the political parties to respond positively when Parliament considers Mrs May’s Brexit treaty in the autumn. 

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