‘I like things to happen, and if they don’t happen I like to make them happen’ Winston Churchill once said. Now is the time for us all to make something big happen on Brexit. The People’s Vote March for the Future is tomorrow and will be a game-changer. Make sure you a...


Parliament returned this week, and a big new Brexit issue is arising. Once the Government accepts, as it is clearly beginning to, that its oxymoronic aim of a ‘good Brexit deal’ is unattainable and it settles for some kind of ‘blind Brexit’ deal, it is hugely in the Go...


The last couple of weeks have seen the Conservative Party reach new lows.

First there was Theresa May’s announcement of a ludicrous £120 million ‘festival of Brexit’. As I argue in the Guardian. It is surely no coincidence that this ‘celebration’ coincides with 100 year...

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Andrew Adonis is a Labour peer, author, and leading campaigner for a People's Vote