I wrote for the Guardian this week, arguing that it would be criminally irresponsible if this government discarded the Good Friday Agreement.

Read the whole piece here.


In order to understand why so much of our country voted for Brexit, I have been spending much of my time going on tour – visiting areas that voted to leave the EU. By June, I will have been to each of the 100 ‘most Brexit’ places and while visiting each of these places...


This article first appeared as part of my weekly column for the New European. I recommend you read it on their website, but the full text can be found below as well.

A little-known and little-noticed provision in the European Withdrawal Bill could be the key to triggeri...


If you skip forward to the 13:30 minute mark, you'll be able to to listen to my conversation with Paul Mason about what Labour's stance on Brexit should be on this week's Spectator podcast.

Alternatively find The Spectator's podcast on any podcast platform.

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Andrew Adonis is a Labour peer, author, and leading campaigner for a People's Vote