Earlier this year I set out in my weekly column for the New European the case for a bold, positive policy alternative to Brexit.

I believe Clement Attlee and his post-1945 government should be the inspiration for this. Read my piece here:



The Cotswold Line Promotion Group was a revolutionary organisation when it was set up – and the reason, curiously, why I went into politics and ended up as Transport Secretary!

The revolutionary idea was that rail users should mobilise not just to lobby for a better ser...


Last week, before I start the main chunk of my tour, I took the train up to Durham to talk to locals and young people about how Brexit will affect them. Read the Guardian's coverage of the trip here:



Here's a clip from my recent appearance on Matt Forde's Unspun

To watch the full programme click here.

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Andrew Adonis is a Labour peer, author, and leading campaigner for a People's Vote