“Reversing Beeching – Reshaping Britain’s Railways for the 21st Century”

Andrew Adonis lecture, Institute for Public Policy Research, 7th June 2019

Today I set out a plan for systematically reversing the Beeching rail closures in respect of large towns, and districts of...


This week a long extension to Article 50 was finally confirmed. Brexit day is now the 31st of October, giving us 6 months to end the Brexit nightmare. While this is shorter than my preferred Brexit extension of 500 years, it is long enough to hold a referendum, and tha...


On Thursday afternoon, some 6 hours into the House of Lords filibuster on Yvette Cooper’s bill, I looked across from me and thought I was reimagining a scene from the 1980s. But when I rubbed my eyes, I realised that what I was seeing was indeed real. There sat Nigel L...


Two years ago, Theresa May pronounced the 29th March 2019 at 11pm as the hour that the UK would leave the EU amid a fanfare of glory. Today we were to wake up to a brave new world of Global Britain, with new trade deals with the United States, China, and better version...


The tide is turning and today is the day that we the people reclaim our democracy. We can’t spend month after month dithering and delaying while Brexit continues to explode. We must now march in the biggest numbers that London has ever seen to show MPs that now is the...


Britain will now no longer leave the European Union on the 29th of March. This week MPs first decisively defeated Theresa May’s deal, then forced the Government’s hand and voted against a no-deal Brexit directly, and then finally voted for an extension to Article 50 on...

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Andrew Adonis is a Labour peer, author, and leading campaigner for a People's Vote